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Learn more about companion planting in an organic garden

Learn more about companion planting in an organic garden

Move over 'Chia Pets'! Everyone is allowed to be silly sometimes, so it's my turn. Yes, a 'head planter' is a bit odd but it's purpose was to test a new casting system. Make your concrete pouring simpler and see how

Cast your concrete mold with a simpler method of slush pouring. Create a unique head planter or whatever you like! Move over Chia Pets! Slush Pour your own!

Shibori Class by Joanna Fowles at Megan Mortons The School Image by Alex Fulton Design

alexfultondesign: Visiting: The School, Sydney - Shibori Class by Joanna Fowles

La Maison Boheme: Indigo

+ indigo scarfs~ from Carla Van Galen -Your will power, your choice. Indigo and blue in the photo speaks to both the throat and third eye- moving up through the spirals

Smell of fresh laundry

One of my favourite things to do on our farm is hang out the laundry. clothes blowing in the wind. There's nothing that smells sweeter than clothes dry by sunshine!

someday...i will hang my laundry to dry in the summer sun.

I used to work with a lovely lady who took photos of washing lines. At first I thought it was a bit crazy but I've changed my mind.

בגדים הם ציורים על גוף

Jeffrey T. Larson, Jeffrey T. Larson Hanging Laundry His daily painting routine starts at dawn. He paints his wife at the clothesline while the day is new and the light is soft.