Life inside South Africa's prisons.
'The unknown hero: A soldier's story' is a beautifully written, moving tale.
Amazing, reflective piece on Dharavi, 'India's home of slumdog millionaire'.
'Jozi's cold comfort between the cracks' - eye-opening piece on the freezing homeless of Joburg.
Noah's Beaudette's 'Plight of Domestic Workers Still Forgotten in the Sex Abuse Debate'. He tweeted, "When it comes to sexual assault, the government in ‪#Indonesia‬ should aim for legislative reform, not longer skirts".    His comment is relevant for most countries. You can't blame the complex problem of sexual assault on women in 'short skirts'.
Whites that are fluent in Petrol Station English.  Hayibo pointing out everyday absurdities in SA.
What Joburg's top officials get paid - good to know.
Oil and gas companies often fail to bury or protect their pipelines in developing nations.
Cape Town and racism - the elephant in the room?
The significance of recent protests for democracy.

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