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a bathroom with wood flooring and wooden cabinets
Just Floored! 15 Totally Unexpected DIY Flooring Alternatives
Cross Cut Wood Floor
an old hammer sticking out of the side of a door
Dump A Day The Best Man Caves Out There! - 42 Pics
three different types of gears on display in front of a door with the words diy gear art
How to make 'gear art' by Mama with a Dash of DIY Drama - fabulous!
three bottles of alcohol sitting next to each other
Whether they’re atop a bottle or sitting by your corkscrew, these 4" long shift knob bottle stoppers show your appreciation for the finer things in life. The wood knobs have engraved shift patterns and a chrome stem for authentic looks, and the rubber stopper provides a tight seal. The set of three includes rosewood, cherry, and ivory finished wood knobs. $19.95
four metal switch plates with decorative designs on the front and back covers, all in different sizes
Silver Rugged Diamond Plate Man Cave Garage Various Sizes Types Not Metal
Silver Rugged Diamond Plate Man Cave Garage Various Sizes/Types (Not Metal) -- perfect little touch for cars bedroom
an iron table with glass top and metal stand on the bottom, against a white background
Home Décor Store | Affordable & Modern Furniture
Metal gear side table. So cool. The perfect table to compliment a stylish man cave.
an industrial style table with four stools in front of it and the words shopretronet above it
vintage industrial furniture, there has got to be a cheap way to DIY this stuff, great use and great look
a chair made out of metal with wheels on the back and arms that are attached to each other
Chemical Candy Customs
Desk chair for the mancave? Harley-Davidson of Long Branch
a wooden barrel sitting next to a sink in a room with brick walls and stone flooring
Think Outside the Bin
Upcycled Wine Barrel Sink. Sweet ass right there!!!Just may have to do this!!!
a ceiling fan that is attached to a light fixture with lights on each side and an exhaust fan in the middle
Stylish Floor Lamp with Interesting Lighting Effects
Automotive Art Deco inspired ceiling fan chandelier
a toilet paper roll is hanging on the wall
Photos, Ideas and Hot Rod Lifestyle
*Vehicular Furnishings and Automotive Decor #Man #Cave #Garage
a wooden rack with golf gear on it
DIY Golf Locker | Free & Easy Plans | Rogue Engineer
DIY Golf Bag Storage Locker | Free Plans at