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an abstract photo with multiple lines in the middle and one line at the bottom that has been distorted
Here Is Undeniable Proof That Mrs Hudson Is The Best Thing About “Sherlock” - Funny
Here Is Undeniable Proof That Mrs Hudson Is The Best Thing About “Sherlock” <--- this is why I am so okay with being called Mrs. Hudson.
an image of a cell phone that is being used as a web page for the internet
Sherlock fandom
a screenshot of an email asking to someone about what they are doing
I love how the DW fandom is sorta the mommy fandom. But I mean, we kinda are. We're very much like the Doctor, as a fandom/ We take hiatuses like bosses.
a man standing in the middle of a city on fire
Cursive Knowledge
Hahahahaha!!!! you have to love mrs hudson
only Sherlock Study In Pink Sherlock, A Study In Pink, Vatican Cameos, Ripper Street
Sherlock Logic
only Sherlock
two different pictures with one pointing at the camera and another saying it's not okay to
wasnt sure if this is more harry potter or sherlock....pretty awesome either way :D
a pie chart with the words people at my school work
a man wearing a scarf looking down at his cell phone while sitting in front of a window
Sherlock BBC
Oh so adorable, I mean evil.<-- I can actually imagine this being him on his date with Molly.
the day john visited shock's grave was shelock's birthday
Sherlock Headcanon: Photo
a man in a suit and tie is looking at the camera with rain falling down on him
Moriarty. Every word spoken by him in order of appearance.
a poster with the quote you told me once hero
this is one of the best scenes i have ever seen on a tv show. John is usually so reserved, but he is pouring his heart out over his best friend's grave. He didn't get attached to many people during wartime, because they died so often. When he actually finds a true friend in Sherlock and then he dies, John is beyond depression. Sherlock was the only one he let into his lonely world:(
a poster with the words get bored and shoot the wall
That's what Sherlock does