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Garden Planter Box with Trellis by dixie

The Garden Planter Box with Trellis is a simple and beautiful way to bring climbing vines or flowers to your garden, patio, or side of your home; they provide an exciting vertical feature.

This is my favorite bromeliad.

PlantFiles Pictures: Aechmea Bromeliad, Urn Plant, Silver Vase Bromeliad (Aechmea fasciata) by palmbob

Pennisetum advena ;Rubrum Purple fountain grass is an ornamental, perennial grass with burgundy coloured foliage and arching purple-pink foxtail-like flowers during summer. Once established will tolerate high temperatures, humidity, wind, drought and is able to withstand l...

Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum' Purple Fountain Grass tall from Africa but seeds are sterile so non invasive maybe to cover pool fence flowers Spring, Summer, Autumn