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How to Make Empanada & Fried Pies
How to Make Empanada & Fried Pies
an easel is sitting on the floor in front of a window
Slab Roller for Clay, Pottery Tool No Shim, Heavy Duty Portable Tabletop Model Adjustable Clay Slab Roller Clay Working Tool
two slices of chocolate chip cookie cake on plates
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!
A chocolate chip cookie layer with ganache, chocolate chip cake and brown sugar buttercream. All the flavors of everyone's favorite cookie in a layer cake.
the rocky road brownies are ready to be eaten
Rocky Road Brownies
With a box of brownie mix and a handful of other ingredients you can have these outrageous rocky road brownies that are sure to impress without spending a ton of time in the kitchen!
the process of making fudge is shown here
Grandaddy's Fudge | Homemade old fashion fudge
This recipe that I got from my Grandaddy is a tested and easy to follow way to get melt-in-your-mouth fudge every time. Perfect treat to make around the holidays and give as a gift or just keep around the house. Prefect homemade fudge is just minutes away.
seven jars filled with different colored sand on top of a wooden table
DIY Flavored Sugars
DIY Flavored Sugars
red velvet dessert recipes to melt your heart
15 Red Velvet Dessert Recipes To Melt Your Heart
15 Red Velvet Dessert Recipes to Melt Your Heart
popsicles with fruit and limes are on a tray surrounded by other fruits, including strawberries, lemons, blueberries, raspberries, and oranges
25 Popsicle Recipes That'll Keep Your Family Cool All Summer Long
44 Popsicle Recipes #popsicles #summer #food #foodie #foodporn
an info sheet with different types of chocolate chip cookies and the names in each one
The Best Way to Make Every Kind of Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sweet | Dessert | dessert recipes | cake recipes | donuts | cookies | cake | birthday cake | cupcakes | chocolate | bakery | ice cream
chocolate covered croissants are stacked on top of each other with the word, cannola
Cannoli (Canoli Filling and Shell Recipes) - Cooking Classy
Cannoli (shell and filling recipes) ~ These are seriously dreamy... Perfectly crisp shell and deliciously creamy filling. Just like the ones from Italian bakeries. Step by step photos included for shells.
a stack of red, white and blue desserts sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Red Velvet Oreo Brownies - Sally's Baking Addiction
Chewy homemade red velvet brownies with oreo frosting and fudgy chocolate ganache. You must try!
there are chocolates and marshmallows on the plate
Ice Cube Tray Chocolates
Make delicious, filled chocolates at home with this simple recipe. With a few simple ingredients - milk or dark chocolate and your favorite fillings like nuts, peanut butter, marshmallows or caramel - and some ice cube trays, you can whip your own homemade chocolates with all the sweet deliciousness of the store bought variety but without the expense. Perfect for gifting and sharing. Click for the how-to video and recipe for ice cube tray chocolates!
homemade marshmallow sauce is being poured into a jar
Homemade Marshmallow Sauce
Homemade Marshmallow Sauce- so easy to make and so versatile! ~
an oreo donut with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles on top | The official home for all things Disney
Talk about the best dessert mash-up imaginable. These chocolate donuts are moist and flavorful and the batter is filled with Oreos! The bright white icing is a nod to the vanilla cream filling and the donuts are sprinkled with — you guessed it — more Oreos! Because they’re baked instead of fried, these are an easy treat that can be whipped up on a moment’s notice with no fuss or mess. #Oreos
reese's peanut butter bars are stacked on top of each other with candy in the middle
Best Reese's Peanut Butter Bars - Inside BruCrew Life
Reese's Peanut Butter Bars - these peanut butter brownies are loaded with Reese's candies and chocolate frosting. This dessert recipe will disappear in no time!