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Louis Claassen

Louis Claassen
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Vision Test: Normal vision people will see Albert Einstein in the picture. Near-sighted people will see Marilyn Monroe. Note: If you see Einstein then step back a ways to see Marilyn appear.

Homebrew recipe for dry stout, similar to Guinness.

Homebrew recipe for dry stout, similar to Guinness. Extract with specialty grains. From Real HomeBrew

The HomeBrewTalk Top 100 Recipes - 49 - 25 - Austin McLendon - hbt-russian-imperial-stout-2422.jpg

All-Grain - Russian Imperial Stout HBT Competition Category Winner) - Home Brew Forums

The Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) is a large planetary nebula located in the constellation Aquarius, approx. 215 parsecs or 700 light-years distant from Earth. It was the first planetary nebula discovered to contain cometary knots, which can be seen as globs with tails around the center of the “pupil”. There are more than 20,000 cometary knots estimated to be in the Helix Nebula. These knots remain somewhat of a mystery to astronomers. NASA/Hubble/JPL/Cal Tech

Eye of the Cosmos taken from the Hubble Telescope. "The cosmos is within us. We're made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." — Carl Sagan -- WE ARE MADE OF STAR STUFF!

High definition photograph of the blood vessels in a human eye - looks eerily like a forest

forest in the eye .saw elsewhere that this might be a photomanipulation, and not a true high def photo. so that may not be what the blood vessels really look like, but it's still a really cool image!