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The beautiful Blue Crane, a national symbol of South Africa Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, South Africa Tours, South Afrika, National Symbols, All Birds, Bird Pictures, Watercolor Bird

The Bontebok National Park in South Africa

The Bontebok National Park in South Africa is home to the rarest and also the most handsome antelope species in the world.

Foto Impala in Kruger National Park, South Africa Nature Animals, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Baby Animals, Strange Animals, Kruger National Park, National Parks, Wild Life, Wildlife Photography

Portrait of an Impala

Kruger National Park, South Africa. Comments and crits very welcome :)

Alien Wormhole Or Nuclear Weapon Trial- Either Way Strange - The New Ecologist Natural Phenomena, Natural Disasters, Strange Weather, Weird And Wonderful, Natural Wonders, Nature Pictures, Amazing Nature, Science Nature, Mother Nature

Amazing spiral of light captured on film - actually is the exploding trail of a ballistic missile.

Cymothoa exigua is a tongue eating parasite. It enters the fish through the gills and attaches itself to the fishes tongue. It destroys the tongue by drawing blood from it and then attaches its own. Weird Creatures, Sea Creatures, Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Animals, Humorous Pictures, Crazy Animals, Wild Animals, Les Parasites, Think Food

Rich Beattie found this horrible surprise in the mouth of his store-bought Sea Bass. The Cymothoa Exigua or tongue-louse, latches itself onto a fish's tongue where it lives and feeds on until the fish dies. They grow to giant proportions.

water tornado - clouds - sky - beach - sun - palm tree - NATURE - black and white photo - earth All Nature, Science And Nature, Amazing Nature, Science Space, Fuerza Natural, Cool Pictures, Cool Photos, Amazing Photos, Funniest Pictures

Tampa Bay waterspout. A natural occurrence of winds funnelling the ocean's waters into the air.

Zoologist and self-taught animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, aka "The Lion Whisperer," has a unique relationship with animals that has been cultivated Big Animals, Animals And Pets, Lions South Africa, Serious Cat, Kitten Images, Kevin Richardson, Male Lion, African Animals, Beautiful Cats

Kevin Richardson, the famous "Lion Whisperer" who has raised various prides of lions and wildlife, and plays with them. They return their love by licking and giving affectionate bites and wresting.