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Chicken++&+Coconut+curry Add in a can of chickpeas and some rainbow chard and we've got a great meal!

Mini tacos:

Easy to do in the mini-muffin pan! mini tacos -- Won ton wrappers in muffin tins filled with taco seasoned ground meat, cheese & bake for 8 minutes at Top with favorite taco toppings! so easy!

Mini Mexican Pizzas!

Mini Mexican Chili Bites Recipe- Bite sized Mexican tortilla shells filled with chili and topped with cheese, olives and sour cream. Perfect for a game day snack or party appetizer

Mini Lasagne Starters With Mushrooms and Ricotta

Mini Lasagne Starters With Mushrooms and Ricotta I added frozen spinach. Used cottage cheese the second time rather than ricotta for better balance of flavours. Otherwise - delicious!

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