Lorraine Brandes

Lorraine Brandes

I would rather have someone hate me for who I am than love me for who I am not.
Lorraine Brandes
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The greatest gift in life are children. I have two beautiful blessings!

Being a Mother change my life to protect and put someone else first than myself I love having to supply and think of his needs before mine!, I love spending my last check on him and have nothing for myself !, i love every moment ♥♥

For my boys!

Sons are a blessing and here are 10 quotes for mother's to express their love. We capture the love a mother feels for her son with the I love my son quotes.

For my lovely daughter... Happy Birthday!!!!

For my lovely daughter. Your future does not lay in front of you, it lies deep inside you. Life is not about finding yourself, it& about creating yourself. When life becomes a rollercoaster, climb into the front seat, throw your arms.