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an outdoor shower with stone walls and rock flooring is shown in this image, there are
8 Outdoor Showers You Need to See
a wooden walkway surrounded by lush green plants and trees with a water fountain in the middle
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an outdoor shower in the middle of a garden
50 Stunning Outdoor Shower Spaces That Take You To Urban Paradise
Remember the Seychelles, where cobbled paths led to a tree-lined shower? Or that hotel in the Philippines, where the presenter showed a bath, lotus pool and sin
an outdoor shower in the middle of a garden
Ducha de exterior
a very nice looking bathroom with some plants in the shower and rocks on the floor
I would take this concept and change the colors to make it a bit more boho rather than Japanese. I love the plants! I would make the back wall the teal and tile accent wall! I would place the tub on the back wall surrounded by the plants. There would be a skylight in the ceiling to let the light in. The showers with copper fixtures would stay the same. Then the floor would be pebbles but grouted and sealed for more sanitary options.
a walk in shower sitting inside of a bathroom next to a stone wall and floor
Вилла на Бали
outside shower!
a woman in an orange swimsuit standing next to a white wall and potted plants
Outdoor showers makes me happy