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lorna shoesmith
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Crown of Cameos, Pearls and Star Sapphires... Perfect for the Girly Chamber!

Gothic I like how Acpetrille described her Drusilla tiara - "where the world of shadow meets magic and beauty". Her gothic inspired headpiece uses black and ivory colored acrylic cameos as well as marcasite, garnet and Swarovski crystals and pearls.

marie of romania jewels | less known tiara that once belonged to the romanian

A lesser known tiara that once belonged to the Romanian royal family, probably to Queen Marie, now a property of country’s Central Bank. Queen Marie of Romania was the eldest daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, and Grand Duchess Maria.

Edwardian Diamond Tiara

An Edwardian Diamond Tiara. This tiara was worn by Catherine Zeta Jones on her wedding day, year 2000 at Plaza Hotel, New York. While working at Fred Leighton that year, we loaned it to her.

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Taking inspiration from both fragile florals and the strong geometric, these alluring earrings by **Hanut Singh** seamlessly blend the ancient with the modern