Gstaad beautiful Gstaad! All the beauty and Fashion captured!
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an advertisement for skis in the shape of a yin - shaped wave with skiers skiing down it
Skiing in Switzerland set to be celebrated with photograph sale
Lot 16 is a poster of Gstaad, designed by Alex Walter Diggelmann (1902-1987), and is hoped to fetch between 3,000-5,000.
a view of mountains and lakes from the top of a hill with wildflowers
Hiking in GSTAAD! #gstaad # Switzerland #hiking
an advertisement for the ski resort staad, with a bear on a chairlift
Gstaad. vintage ski poster
a large white building surrounded by trees covered in snow
Old Alpina - great shot in Gstaad, Switzerland
an advertisement for skis and snowboards with a woman skiing on the side of a mountain
Gstaad !
the mountains are covered in snow at night
a snowy landscape with mountains in the distance and clouds in the blue sky above it
Good morning Gstaad! #gstaad
a heart shaped balloon hanging from the side of a train track in the middle of snow covered mountains
Chateaux d'oex Balloon fest !
people are walking around in the snow near buildings with lights and umbrellas on them
Gstaad promenade #gstaad
the sky is pink and purple as it sits on top of a snowy hill with houses below
Gstaad Sunrise #gstaad
New Spring in Store  Bach Sign Boutique  #gstaad Bags, Boutique, Boutiques, Luggage Bags, Top Handle Bag, Store, Celine Luggage Bag, Bach
New Spring in Store Bach Sign Boutique #gstaad
an ice sculpture in front of a store window
Gstaad Ice Sculpture Maison Lorenz Bach Boutique #gstaad
the sun shines brightly in the distance over snow - covered hills and mountains on a sunny day
Ski time in Gstaad!
a storefront with a statue of a bear sitting on top of a red ball
Maison Lorenz Bach #gstaad
many different purses and hats on display in a store
Bach Sign Boutique Gstaad