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Never giving up on your dreams mean you will need to ride hard some time, that takes a good horse, and a determined heart. Good luck horse lovers and chase your dreams!


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Sissy Boy Heels

Sissy Boy Heels - perfect with a pair of pink pastel pants or that oh so fab turquoise dress from Edgars!

Steve Madden Studded Bag

Steve Madden Studded Bag - the bag to COMPLETE my pastel look and the space to add some more pastel goodies for the rest of the pastel summer!

Free2BU Stud Detail Shorts

Stud Detail Shorts - love the colour bleed/tie-die feel!

Edgars Blue and Gold Necklace

Edgars Blue and Gold Necklace - I want this one! WIll go perfect with all my pastels!

Mango Maxi Skirt

Mango Maxi Skirt-worn with a simple white vest and pastel pink sandal I look amazing in it :)

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