Textile stamps

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several different shapes and sizes of decorative objects on a wooden surface with wood grain flooring
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Colouricious present wooden printing blocks, wooden stamps. This lovely pomegranate stamps set is for your creative craft ideas. Happy block printing !
a person is playing with a wooden block on a tablecloth covered floor and holding it in their hands
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These are the block I have collected for years. I taught women how to print fabric in Nepal.
a person is using a knife to cut out an intricately designed tile pattern on the floor
Rang-Decor {Interior Ideas predominantly Indian}
Block-Printing #India
several different shapes and sizes of carved wooden stamps with designs on the front, back and sides
Rubber Stamps for Sale - eBay
Hand Carved Wooden Block Printed Indian Stamps - Wood Printing Stamping Supplies
many different designs and shapes are on the ground in this photo, with one being made out of clay
Textile stamps from India.