My first custom OM build
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a man sitting down playing an acoustic guitar
Sound and setup testing
a guitar sitting on top of a brown couch next to pillows and a throw pillow
Temporal setup and sound test
an acoustic guitar sitting on top of a wooden stand in front of a bookcase
a wooden instrument laying on the floor next to it's case and neck cover
Nut and saddle
a wooden table topped with a roll of toilet paper on top of a machine wheel
Cow bone being cut for Nut and Saddle
a close up view of an acoustic guitar's neck and fretboard, taken from the bottom
Lower bout show-off
an acoustic guitar sitting on top of a table
Dry-fitting of bridge
Pore filler applied How To Apply, Pore
Pore filler applied
a large wooden object sitting on top of a tile floor next to a kitchen counter
Neck - first finish coat
a wooden chair sitting on top of a pile of wood furniture next to a white towel
Neck shaped and fitted
an acoustic guitar sitting on top of a table
Fretboard extention - getting into shape
a piece of wood that is sitting on top of some paper with a metal object in it
Head plate - Kiaat
a hand holding a piece of wood in it's left hand on the ground
Rhodesian Teak - Fretboard and bridge material
a close up of an acoustic guitar on the floor with its fretboard cut out
Binding installed - Lower bout
an acoustic guitar is sitting on the floor
Binding installed