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Amazing set of photographs! Kudos to the photographer!

I want this little Batman lego now! Photography by: Ric Tse

Pc master race...? Nah! Gaming master race ftw!

Pc master race...? Nah! Gaming master race ftw!

Damian being... well Damian

Tags: when both Jon and Damian are in the same picture when the boys father are in same picture(super man and batman) when Damian is with other fellow robins and batmanIdk other tag yet. Damijon is so cool and fun duo reminds me of trunk and Goten.

I think as Mabel for Instinct because she would be so kind hearted to all the pokemon she got.

Mabel joins Valor and Dipper joins Mystic - I imagine Mabel being an Instinct type, but Valor is cool too (Gravity Falls meets Pokemon GO)

Star Wars saga - Episode II poster by AndrewSS7.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Here's the fifth poster of my "Star Wars" saga banner - "The Empire Strikes Back". The other posters: Episode I poster Episode II poster Episode III pos. Star Wars saga - Episode V poster