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a large tree with moss growing on it's branches in the middle of a park
This is the Angel Oak tree on Johns Island near Charleston, SC, USA. I have been there many times and it's amazing! :)
an island with many houses on it and some boats in the water near by them
101 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die! – part 3 -
Portofino, Italy - 101 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die! – part 3
the river is surrounded by tall trees and pink grass, under a dark sky with clouds
Dr. Seuss-Style Surreal Photography
the colours of this image are unusual which is what drew me to this image, I like the unusual colours as it's different and gives the image a really cool effect.
a beautiful pink tree in the middle of a lake with water splashing from it
Alone by helios-spada on DeviantArt
.Beautiful tree. (10/13/2013) Nature: Trees (CTS)
trees with red leaves on the ground and one tree in the foreground that has pink flowers all over it
All about pink
a small waterfall in the middle of a large canyon with green grass and rocks on either side
The Baatara Gorge Waterfall has got to be one of the most beautiful naturally forming bridges and waterfalls in the world.
the beach is covered in pink sand and blue water
Most Outstanding Beaches In The World
Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas. ITS A THING!! I have a pink sands air freshener in my car and people always make fun of it...It's real people.
a snow covered road with trees on both sides
Winter Landscapes
Reminds me of my childhood winters in Michigan. Reminds ME of the home in Wisconsin.
a painting of trees with pink flowers on the ground
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Wanna walk with uh .. All the way holding hands ..!!
a field full of purple flowers under a blue sky
English lavender