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a water heater sitting in front of a house
Rain Barrel in Winter
a green and white container sitting next to a wall
Manatee County - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences - UF/IFAS
a large white barrel with flowers painted on it
a diagram showing how to build a dispenser for drinking water from a barrel
What is LID? - Kitsap Conservation District
a painted trash can sitting in the grass with water lillies on it's side
Pond Life
a large metal tank sitting next to a brick building with a hose attached to it
Arkansas Stormwater Education | How to keep creeks and streams clean
a painted trash can sitting on top of green grass next to a fence and flowers
Clematis in the Garden
a large white water tank sitting on top of a lush green field next to a house
Na dvor si nechali priviesť staré plastové sudy, ale nepoužili ich na dažďovú vodu: Uchváti vás, čo z nich vymysleli!
three large blue barrels sitting in front of a house next to a green yard and grass
Варианты сбора дождевой воды для хозяйственных нужд