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a man riding a bike down a dirt road in the woods on a foggy day
Keep repeating: rain won't kill me, I won't melt...but I will get cold.
Yes. More
a black and white photo with the words whatever you think of yourself, you are
a quote that says dear god, i wanna to take a minute not to ask for anything
Five Feet Away, Uncovering the Life and Teachings of Jesus
some people are standing around in front of roman soldiers and one is hugging the other
a quote that says, note to self you gota do this for you
Get Relief From Depression: 10 Simple Steps
For you. ♛ $BMG ♛ #GETREADY Mr.1&oNLy™ KRi$KiNGTHEiNFAMOU$™ (2017-iNFiNiTE)#NoLiMiT4EVa #NoLiMiT$oLiDER LN$ GHo$T™
two men standing next to each other with the caption if you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you lose
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a poem written in black and white with the words practice the pause, when in doubt,
Kingston Expressions
The Wrong Great Expectations (The Old Habits Die Hard Edition)
a person riding a bike on a road with trees in the background and a quote about people don't value what they don't fight for
Failure Is Your Friend
“People don’t value what they don’t fight for.” - Tony Robbins on the School of…
a man standing in front of a crowd with the words stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited of what could go right
Tweets with replies by CarusoloBlog (@CarusoloB) | Twitter
an old photo of a man standing on the beach with his hands on his hips
The Churchill School of Adulthood Conclusion: Thought + Action = An Awesome Adulthood
winston churchill bathing suit quote it is not enough to float