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Taught by Nancy S. I get together with my Sister's once a year for a sister-retreat. Even though we are all different, we have come to lov...

The Danger of Holding Grudges. More like a good story about thinking of the good things not just bad; but could be used as an object lesson (pile of rocks in your pocket weighs you down).

Coolest President In The World

Need a charm bracelet with this guy & Pope Francis. This man, the President of Uruguay and the 'poorest president' in the world could teach the rest of the world's leaders a lot.

Gun Control so true

Chris Rock on Gun Control. Ok, so bad language, but this made me laugh with all the gun control talk going on.

Mine Kafon. This guy is amazing.>>>Ooh ooh I read about this!!! It's so cool and when it sets them off it just keeps rolling!!! Woohoo for science!!!

Funny pictures about This man deserves a peace prize. Oh, and cool pics about This man deserves a peace prize. Also, This man deserves a peace prize.