Chapmans peak drive 1949

Chapmans Drive, Cape Town (I've been on this road and there is NO guard rail and HUGE drop off cliff so kind of a scary ride, at least in some places

Cape Town, 1877

Cape Town 1877 and even then it was only an hour from Franschhoek home of La Clé des Montagnes - 4 luxurious villas on a working wine farm

Adderley Street, Cape Town Dec. '53

BELAFRIQUE is a Tour Operator specialized in a la carte travel to Southern & East Africa

How the leopard got there #HoutBay - I have often wondered.......1963.

Placing the Bronze Leopard on its Granite Pedestal near Flora Bay, Hout Bay March 1963

The first sight of Cape Town. Vintage postcard

A postcard tour of old Cape Town

A bunch of 22 old postcards of various scenes in Cape Town gives a fascinating insight into what Cape Town looked like about 100 years ago.