Melkkos & Merlot recipes

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Lizet Hartley

Milktart Macarons – Melkkos & Merlot

Africa meets France in these bite-sized morsels of delight. Discover my foolproof secrets to making perfect macarons with a cheeky milktart filling.

Milk tart mille feuille – a traditional SA favourite gets a bit of French attitude!

Milk tart mille feuille – Melkkos & Merlot

A traditional SA favourite gets a fancy French makeover. This milk tart mille feuille may look impressive, but it's so easy to make!

Hot-milk chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and figs

Grandma's hot-milk chocolate cake – Melkkos & Merlot

A can't-fail chocolate cake recipe made with hot milk. Chocolate ganache, fig jam and fresh figs turn an everyday family treat into a stunner.

Stodge heaven, this basic sponge pudding dates back to the '50s.

Tannie du Toit's Standard Pudding – Melkkos & Merlot

Stodgy, dense, moist – this basic sponge pudding dates back to the '50s. Swimming in a pool of warm custard, it's a comforting grandma food hug.

Butternut ravioli in tomato cream sauce

Butternut ravioli in tomato cream sauce – Melkkos & Merlot

The secret to making perfect fresh pasta ravioli pockets bursting with spiced butternut. A creamy tomato sauce and loads of Parmesan too. Yum!

Pork chops with cider and portabellini mushroom cream sauce.

Pork chops with cider cream sauce – Melkkos & Merlot

Cling-to-your-ribs goodness, these pork chops in a cider and portabellini mushroom cream sauce are perfect with simply boiled baby potatoes.

Date Devils On Horseback Pork Pops. A stunning little festive season snack.

Date Devils on Horseback Pork Pops – Melkkos & Merlot

Devils on horseback get a cheeky festive season makeover when threaded onto skewers with herbed pork banger meatballs. Oven grill or put it on the braai!

Sauvignon saffron pears with yoghurt cream.

Sauvignon saffron pears – Melkkos & Merlot

Juicy saffron pears in a Sauvignon Blanc saffron syrup with cinnamon and cardamom. A generous dollop of yoghurt cream is all these jewelled beauties need.

Apricot and Rosemary Tarte Tatin

Apricot rosemary tarte tatin – Melkkos & Merlot

Buttery puff pastry, syrupy caramel, apricots and rosemary combine in a heavenly (and ridiculously easy to make) tarte tatin.

Cornflake chilli chicken schnitzel with 3-cheese fondue sauce.

Chicken schnitzel with 3-cheese fondue sauce – Melkkos & Merlot

My kitchen secrets for perfect chicken schnitzel revealed! A super crispy cornflake crumb coating plus a 3-cheese fondue sauce.

Watermelon rooibos granita with cardamom

Watermelon rooibos granita – Melkkos & Merlot

A delightful Sicilian classic with a twist – this refreshing watermelon granita is made extra special with rooibos tea and cardamom.

Pork and green fig terrine.

Pork and green fig terrine – Melkkos & Merlot

A classical French-style terrine gets some local flavour with preserved green figs! It gets better as it stands, so it's perfect for entertaining.

A tuna salad with loads of punch. All the flavours of a classical Niçoise, done just a little bit differently.

Tuna salad with a French twist – Melkkos & Merlot

A stonker of a tuna salad. Tinned tuna, fine beans, baby potatoes, pickled red onions and more kissed with a fab garlicky anchovy dressing with capers. Yum.

Caramel sauce, done the right way – Melkkos & Merlot

A foolproof recipe for caramel sauce done the way it should be. It's intense, complex and multi-layered. Tired of burning sugar? Not with this method!

Lamb shanks in red wine

Lamb shanks in red wine – Melkkos & Merlot

Mediterranean-style lamb shanks with red wine, bay, rosemary and thyme. Serve it on plenty of cheesy parmesan polenta and tuck in!

Boozy cherry-almond chocolate truffles.

Cherry-almond chocolate truffles – Melkkos & Merlot

Chocolate truffles get a boozy Christmas makeover with kirsch, cherries and almonds, all enrobed in a layer of milk chocolate! Plus glitter of course!!