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Interesting even though some are 'alternative' facts i.e. Tiger with down syndrome

The tiger is so pretty! A collection of interesting pictures I found over the years, Part Animals

How to Create a Crackle Finish with Elmer's Glue {wood finishing}

Awesome crackle paint made with Elmer's School glue! Next up on craft to-do list, crackle paint birdhouse! rhorning This is the method I use, white school glue and acrylic paint.

Photography Tip | How to make your images look more professional

Images missing that professional look? Here's four photography tips to help you take images that shine. girls.html  *******SHOE LACES******

25 of the Cutest Things to Sew for Girls. I thought it might be fun to pull together 25 ideas of the cutest things to sew for girls. If you’ve got a girl to sew for, get ready!

Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These Natural Remedies

The receding gums condition can be painful and very often results in gaps or pockets between your teeth and gum line. Furthermore, the pockets open up the door to harmful bacteria.


Everyone can be at risk of getting skin cancer, but catching it early can make it a lot more treatable. Performing regular skin checks with this method will

Start adding these bedtime habits to a nightly routine!

Start adding these bedtime habits to a nightly routine. Bedtime habits that will help you lose weight.