South African Bobotie

Bobotie revisited

Bobotie is a classic South African dish of gently-spiced ground meat full of raisins which is then oven-baked with a layer of savory egg custard on top to form a crust and keep the meat moist. Tradionally it is served with Yellow Rice.

One of the best recipes for traditional South African bobotie!

The Ultimate Lekkerbek Bobotie

I think this is the melktert (milk tart) pie that absolutely wonderful!

South African Melktert (Milktart)

Traditional South African bobotie recipe - Getaway Magazine

Traditional South African bobotie recipe

Traditional South African bobotie recipe - Getaway Magazine I made this for Hendric tonight, he hated it soooo much he had to have two helpings LOL

South African Bobotie - sweet-and-spicy curried meat casserole of Cape Malay cuisine

This traditional South African dish has a Cape Malay heritage. It's like the British shepherd's pie, but the minced meat is curried - and the topping is frothy egg mixture instead of mashed potatoes.

The most delicious meatloaf ever  • a national dish of South Africa • Panning The Globe


Bobotie is South Africa's meat pie. It's basically the best meatloaf ever, packed with great curry flavor, topped with custard. A little decadent. Recipe by Panning The Globe

An Old South African dish Melktert I think it is similar to your custer tards

Layered Milk Tart 1 litre c) full-cream milk 2 cinnamon sticks 60 ml (¼ c) custard powder 80 ml c) cornflour 1 can g) condensed milk 100 g Stork Bake, cubed 1 egg, whisked 2 packets g each) Tennis biscuits ground cinnamon .

Traditional South African Frikkadels – Melkkos and Merlot

Old-fashioned frikkadels the way great gran made them. You'll love 'em and your kids will too. Make this South African classic tonight.

Spiced apricot chutney (lacto-fermented) + a workshop

spiced + fermented apricot chutney - to her core