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Angry Birds game

Plan an angry bird birthday party with an angry birds craft activity. Fun and easy angry birds crafts for kids. Ideas for making angry bird crafts.

Use an Ikea table, cut a whole, paint with your choice of chalk paint, put a bowl with chalk, and you have a under $20 dollar entertainment center for your kids. So neat!

this little chalk board table is an awesome idea. Cover the top of the table with chalkboard paint. We used tint-able chalk board paint on the one we made, had it tinted purple. The grandkids love it.

pencil stubs + washers = spinning tops that draw

This looks really fun, but simple. Take an old pencil stub and a washer and turn it into a spinning top that will draw! I assume crayons or colored pencils could be used too.

Quick Boredom Buster: Oil & Water! - Kids Activities Blog

Quick Boredom Buster -- Oil & colored Water, sm amount of oil in pie plate, mix water & food color in sm squeeze bottle, let kids squeeze drops of water in oil.