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a house built into the side of a mountain with trees and rocks on it's sides
Cliff House
an image of a bridge made out of wood and some lights on top of it
two doors are shown side by side in the same room, one is open and the other has closed
2 doorway design tutorials I made today
an image of a stone wall with clouds in the background and text that reads dripstones wall
Minecraft Farm, Minecraft Strip Mine Design, Minecraft City
Chicken Coop
an old - fashioned house with some plants in the window and on the outside wall
a house made out of wood and stone with the words cryptic build on it's side
Minecraft Stuff, Minecraft Castle
Minecraft cottage
an image of a house in minecraft with plants and flowers on the front porch
Minecraft: Cozy cottage *tutorial*
Spruce Minecraft House!
Spruce Minecraft House!
Spruce Minecraft House!
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