Only in South Africa...

Only in South Africa...

Dumbest policeman - Funny news headlines with a photo of a cop leaning against the barrel of his shotgun using it as improvised seat: "Jobur.

Great South African road signs- BelAfrique your personal travel planner -

The sign shows a Kudu, but warns against Baboons. That's South Africa for you.

Perfect 30 snapshots - Pulled The Trigger at the right moment (Part 2)> Fashion / Lifestyle, Film / Photo Art, Funny Shizznits, Netzkram pictures dam development>, compilation, great, perfectliy, photos, snapshots, timed

They say that timing is everything and that’s certainly the case with the seven photos on this page, all of which were captured at just the right moment for maximum impact. You can see more perfectly timed photos here.

Only in Africa! - (only in africa, funny africa)

Only in Africa

Only in #South Africa!

13 Signs That Prove South Africa is Anything but Ordinary

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African Road Signs