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Heal Your Knees
Yoga enhances physical strength, flexibility, and balance through postures and breathing. It promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being, combining exercise with mindfulness.
One Exercise For Weight-loss 🔥
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Start Transformation Now!
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HOLZMAX by HEIMHOLZ | Heimfitness aus Holz aber platzsparend
How to Fix a BACK HUMP for Good (No Equipment!)
Dr. Rowe shows how to get rid of a back hump at home, using NO EQUIPMENT! This video will be a very easy-to-follow three part guide that will focus on fixing a kyphosis (increased thoracic spine curve), also known as a hunchback or back hump. We'll focus on loosening stiffness and opening up the back, stretching out muscle tightness, and helping to strengthen the upper back -- which may help lessen an unsightly rounded upper back , but also may help prevent kyphosis it in the future.
Beginner Alternatives If You Can’t Squat
Standing Hips Mobility in 90 Seconds
Do this standing beginner exercise every day to improve mobility in your hips. Hip mobility and strength is so important for activities of daily living. If we live a sedentary life, this area will get tight and weak which can hinder our ability to do simple things. I hope this helps! Follow your range of motion and control each movement. Do 10 repetitions per leg and repeat 1-3 rounds #beginnerworkout #justinagustin #homeworkout #workoutvideo #lowimpact #hips #mobility