Barcelona 2014

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the world's most famous places infographical map - click to enlarge
This is definitely a helpful guide for travelers!
a white plate topped with food on top of a table next to glasses and utensils
THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Barcelona (Updated June 2024)
Photos of Cafe De L'Academia
an old clock tower in the middle of a narrow street with buildings on both sides
an image of a garden at night with the moon in the sky and trees around it
Moongarden in Barcelona, Spain - if I ever get married I'm honey mooning here!
an upside down view of some buildings in the middle of a city with lots of windows
Casa Milà, Barcelona #spain #travel
a map of barcelona with all the major attractions
Very helpful map of Barcelona with some things to do...definitely want to spend a couple days here :)
an aerial view of the city at sunset
Barcelona... See you in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!! Can't handle the excitement @Ally Squires Squires Liscio