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an alleyway with steps leading up to the door and flowers growing on either side
Lisbon is the trendy city break destination you'll want to see in 2019
Lisbon city guide: Why #Portugal's capital is this year's trendiest spot for a weekend break | Via The Mirror | 7/02/2017 Whether you're looking for culture, great food or some good old relaxation time, this city has it all.
a pencil drawing of an arch in the street
Mediterranean street sketch by zersen on DeviantArt
Mediterranean street sketch by zersen
an ink drawing of a chinese restaurant
a drawing of a building with stairs leading up to it
James Anzalone-Flickr
a drawing of an alleyway with people sitting at tables and umbrellas
Urban sketch
a drawing of an entrance to a house
Málaga, museo de artes populares by Luis_Ruiz, via Flickr:
a drawing of an old brick building with plants growing out of it's windows
london – Page 9 – petescully
Cheshire Cheese, Milford Lane near the Temple
a drawing of a building with a tree in front of it and a lamp post on the corner
Jorge Royan. (Argentinian, 1952~2014) 호르헤 로얀, 아르헨티나 출신의 건축가이자 포토그래퍼. 맑고 산뜻한 그의 스케치 몇 점. 갤러리>>sketchesjr.blogspot.com.au
a drawing of a city street filled with traffic
Urban watercolor Sketch by Felix Scheinberger, Germany. Городской акварельный…
a watercolor and ink drawing of a street with power lines in the sky above
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a drawing of a building with lots of windows on the front and side of it
this is a drawing of an old building
Daniel Ho
a painting of an alleyway with tables and chairs in the middle, surrounded by flowers
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an architectural drawing of a house with water and trees in the foreground, as well as a walkway leading up to it