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Lin v Tonder
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Gliding Over A Tiger Shark In The Bahamas

Man underwater adventure Gliding Over A Tiger Shark In The Bahamas. Photo by Raul Boesel.


This is one of Axel Erlandson´s "Circus trees" located in Gilroy, California. This "basket tree" was formed by grafting six Sycamore trees together in a diamond pattern.

Ball of Mating Snakes #snake #serpent #ball #mating

justamus: One of the prettiest reptilian artworks I have ever seen. I love the textures the ceramic artist has imparted to this snakeball.

Vine Snake - creating an unrealistic body image for all the other snakes.

nymfanfic: letyoursoul: keepmywhiskeyneat: pickkled-ginger: life-of-planet-earth: Vine Snake it looks like a judgmental shoelace. "hiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss shirt looks stupid" I LOVE THIS LITTLE PRECIOUS THING OMG "Judgmental shoelace." :D