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don't leave this earth with the song still inside you

IG: You should want to find things that motivate you. Things that capture your interest and you feel so passionate about about. Something that brings you way to much joy before you don't get the chance to do it anymore.

Booty Sculpting Leg Workout | Click for the full fitness plan

Some really great stuff in the new Ebook 30 Days Booty Challenge. Its Christmas time, so theres no price (you name the fair price ;) Hurry up and get it, the challenge starts January


elspeth and my fairy tale romance. I still remember what e was wearing the first day I saw her and how she took my breath away with a glance.

<3 it's so beautiful

“I have completely fallen for you. Everything you do, everything you say, everything you are. You’re my first thought in the morning, you’re my last thought before I fall asleep, and you’re almost every thought in between.I love you