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an arch in the sand at the beach with blue sky and ocean water behind it
Mafia Island, Tanzania.
a large whale swimming in the ocean
Mafia Island Lodge - Tanzania
Mafia Island
an island in the middle of the ocean
Mafia Island, Tanzania
an orange and blue sea slug on the ocean floor
Chelidonura hirundinina is an aglajid sea slug, NOT a nudibranch
a close up of a fish with red and white spots on it's face
a green and red bird with its head on top of it's beak, against a black background
Dumbo octopus. Deepsea-MarianaTrench4 #ocean #sea #deepsea #marinelife #nature #science #octopus
a starfish in the ocean with sunlight streaming through it's water and some fish swimming around
Beneath the Waves by Michael Anderson
Beneath the waves by Michael Anderson