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two pieces of chocolate coconut slice on a plate with a glass of milk in the background
Chocolate Coconut Slice
there are many square desserts on the cooling rack with words above it that read, 3 ingredient rhubarb squares
3 Ingredient Rhubarb Squares
Perfectly sweet and puckeringly tart, 3 Ingredient Rhubarb Squares take thirty minutes from start to finish. These are a quick and easy treat which can be effortlessly whipped up when your neighbour announces they're dropping by for tea this afternoon. All in one bowl, so a simple clean up too! #rhubarb #squares #bars #cookies #3ingredient #dessert
a close up of a piece of cake on a plate with a strawberry
Strawberry Rhubarb Bars
the advertisement for rhubarb crunch is shown
Rhubarb Crunch
Rhubarb Crunch is an easy dessert for any occasion.
three pieces of dessert sitting on top of a white plate with crumbled toppings
Rhubarb Cheesecake Squares
chocolate and peanut butter bars with text overlay that says how to make maltester tiffins
Malteser Tiffin (Yummy No Bake Tray Bake)
chocolate and caramel fudge brownies on parchment paper next to two cups of coffee
Mocha salted caramel crunch squares recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
These chocolatey bars are a super-easy take on millionaire’s shortbread, with a coffee cookie dough base and a squidgy salted dulce de leche layer. This mocha salted caramel crunch squares recipe is a delicious weekend bake to try
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a piece of cake with peanut butter frosting and graham crackers on it next to some spoons
No Bake Cheesecake Recipes | Fitwaffle Speculoos Cheesecake Bars Recipe
Ideal for Biscoff lovers, this five-ingredient cheesecake is quick to make and stores in the fridge for up to three days.
triple layer bailey's brownies on a white plate
Baileys Brownies
5h 20m
a cake that has been cut into pieces
Coffee and Walnut Cake Traybake
chocolate cookie dough oreo brownies are stacked on top of each other
Slutty Brownies
1h 20m
chocolate bars stacked on top of each other with nuts and granola in the middle
Mars bar slice
Everybody loves a Mars bar! In fact, they were recently voted the world’s second most popular chocolate bar - pipped at the post by Cadbury milk chocolate (personally, I think it was rigged!). So, it’s little wonder that when melted down with butter and mixed with rice bubbles, the result is amazing. This Mars bar slice recipe is our favourite as it has the sneaky addition of golden syrup, which gives the slice an extra buttery caramel flavour.
1h 40m
two pieces of chocolate cake sitting on top of a cutting board
Chocolate Coconut Slice | Most Popular Recipe
The most delicious two layer Chocolate Coconut Slice recipe ever! The perfect melt
salted brownie cookies are piled on top of each other with the words salted brownie cookies above them
Salted Brownie Crinkle Cookies