Mexican Cream Cheese and Chicken Roll-Ups

Super bowl food: Mexican cream cheese and chicken roll-ups just had an idea.put buffalo chicken dip in a tortilla and roll up.heat in oven and slice!

I so want to try these! It's like the perfect party pizzas!!

HIT- Great quick snack or added side dish with dinner. I could see many versions of this. Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups would be perfect for appetizers while watching football or for a girls movie night in.

20 Cupcake Ideas That Will Keep You Nom Nomming!

I'm totally making these for my kid. Suck it lazy regular cupcake making moms. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes--My mom always made these for summer parties! It's also fun to use colored cones! Turn them right side up and they will have round tops!

Mother's Day for Grandma?

this looks like a great mothers day/grandparent gift/ teacher gift idea. Lots of options with flowerpots, buckets, etc to put it in and with the types of flowers or stems to use and filling in the pail.

Wow! Great way to dress up a jean skirt!

Loved These Type Skirts From The Love My Jean Skirt original design Vintage Lace by lovemyjeanskirt,

You Can Find Your Seat Here But Your Place Is On The Dance Floor-Art Deco/Great Gatsby/1920's theme -5 sizes-DIY- black and glitter gold

You Can Find Your Seat Here But Your Place Is On The Dance Floor-Art Deco/Great theme sizes-DIY- black and glitter gold

Lollipop Centerpieces - I love how adorable and easy this next idea is… “Sugar High” – fittingly designed by Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar – features unwrapped whirly pops and suckers sprouting from a bed of candies. (The white flower pots are from IKEA.)

Fantastic Table Centerpieces (Idea Gallery

Centerpiece for the kids table or a child's birthday party. Great fun for a candy land or willy wonka themed party! Although they might not stay centerpieces for too long!

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