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a painting of a woman in a colorful dress surrounded by children with butterflies around her
Lucy Gray Baird (The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins) Люси Грей Бэйрд
Люси Грей Бэйрд стояла прямо. На ней было некогда шикарное платье с радужными оборками, уже изрядно поношенное. Темные кудри она собрала в прическу и вплела туда полевые цветы, теперь поникшие. Благодаря яркому наряду Люси Грей бросалась в глаза, как бабочка среди стайки моли. Lucy Gray Baird stood upright in a dress made of a rainbow of ruffles, now raggedy but once fancy. Her dark, curly hair was pulled up and woven with limp wildflowers. Her colorful ensemble drew the eye, as to a tattered
a painting of a house by the water with birds flying over it and trees in the foreground
Illustrations | Laivi Põder illustration
a woman riding on the back of a black horse
Erin Kellyman as Jade Claymore in Tv series Willow, 2022