#Herbalife tip: Your previous eating habits don't apply to you now. Focus on making better choices starting today.

😋Is your diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals? If not, you need to change it up!

Did you cheat on your meal plan? It's no good being too hard on yourself-it happens! Every day is an opportunity to get it right. Tomorrow is a new beginning.✨✨

Writing a journal or diary (gratitude journal, photo journal or special journal) is a great way of recording past events. 45 reasons for writing a journal

Get moving to get results! 🤸💪

Take a chance, start fresh, seize the day! How will you be changing your life… starting NOW?

You don't have to go fast. You just have to go… 🏎️🚦

Getting out of the gym environment may improve your mood. Consider making a tough hike your strength-building challenge this week!

The next best thing to winning is losing! At least you know you've been in a race! #TakePart 🏎️

tip: Take your resting heart rate in the morning, frequent exercise habits can reduce your resting heart rate as you get fitter.

Training for an sporting event? On the day, only eat familiar foods. Race day is not the day to try new foods. #EatSmart📆💫

Don't attempt to make several major changes at once. Attempt working on 3 small changes every month & let your successes build.

Each day is an opportunity to create the life you want. If you've slipped into bad habits, it's never too late to start again! #Inspiration 🆗📈

A hero is someone who makes us want to be a better person. Who is your hero and why❓🕵️

#Herbalife tip: If you're making excuses for why you're not eating right & training, you're probably not be ready to change. 🤔

Don't attempt to make too many major changes at once. Attempt working on 3 minor changes every month & let your successes build.

#Herbalife Nutrition Tip: Pour out a portion for one instead of eating from a multi-serving tub. You're not as likely to eat it all!🍽️

Grab and Go Picnics for the Car -- Traveling with 5 kids means bringing along a lot of food to keep the kids happy and save money.

Snacking is excellent … when it's nuts, fruits & veggies. We can't get enough sliced red peppers - what's your fave #snack❓

Eating to Excel teaches how to transform your life with the power of food! Eat clean to feel fit and fabulous! Live vibrantly with clean eating.

Eat considerately, not mindlessly. Focus on the flavours, colours, textures & aromas of food & you'll enjoy meals more. 😆😃

You can't out-train a poor diet.🍽️ Try to make the healthiest decisions you can today. LIKE if you are eating a good diet today.

Create meals from "the bottom up"! Let veg or salad form the base of your #healthy nutrition plan. #HealthyEating 🥗

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Chai #HerbalifeShake: Add instant tea, 1/2 banana, a sprinkle of ginger, cloves & black pepper to a vanilla #HerbalifeShake. 🥛

A single bad day or meal doesn't undo your hard work. Concentrate on progress, not perfection. What's your plan today?