us.......South Africans

World Cup Soccer South Africa Fans waving the South Africa flag in support of the national team Bafana Bafana.

"Eish!" South African cross-over slang for OMW

" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!" This is a pdf card you could print or email to friends.

You know you're African when ...

Applies mainly to South Africans - and it's so, so true! I had so many "tannies / aunties" and "ooms / uncles" growing up . A form of politeness for adults that the rest of the world has pretty much lost / left behind.

Bokkoms - dried fish biltong.

Bokkems - salted, sun dried Harder fish, peculiar to the Western Cape.

Great South African road signs  ...

ISIS And The Principles of War : STOOOPID INVITATION to piss off Baghdadi to kill 2500 or more Shiite. Keep up with good work. Are you suffering Diaspora syndrome alas Schadenfreude? are you missing and got crave for more killing

Proudly South African

Wearing South Africa loud and proud! Very cool alternative for the American flag everybody has on everything these days