Chinchilla by on @DeviantArt

drawing of one of my favorite fluff balls. Next to dogs the chinchilla is definitely one of my favorite animals, the so cute and fluffy 😊 Chinchilla

Why so serious  by on @DeviantArt

pencil drawing of the joker. Drawing his scars was a pain in the butt 😱 Why so serious

Emma Watson by on @DeviantArt

Emma Watson by on @DeviantArt

Maleficent  by on @DeviantArt

It took me some time to get her face right but I think it looks pretty good especially love the red lips 😊 Maleficent

Jamie Campbell Bower  by on @DeviantArt

Jamie Campbell Bower by on @DeviantArt

Nicholas by on @DeviantArt

Nicholas by on @DeviantArt

Pencil still life by on @DeviantArt

What I love most about this still life is definitely the skull. Pencil still life

Chiaroscuro self portrait  by on @DeviantArt

Chiaroscuro self portrait

Dobby by on @DeviantArt

Master has given Dobby a sock 😊 I thank this is my favorite drawing so far Dobby

Mad hatter by on @DeviantArt

Johnny Depp as the mad hatter😍absolutely love him Mad hatter

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