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Suspended ceramic Urinal BALL by Ceramica Cielo

Urinals yep thats right, Urinals! Suspended ceramic Urinal BALL Urinals Collection by Ceramica Cielo

Proiezioni urinal | cod. 1ORUN00 | cm 31 x 35 x h57

Proiezioni urinal | cod. 1ORUN00 | cm 31 x 35 x h57

Deze Italiaanse urinoirs zullen qua design in geen enkele badkamer of toiletruimte misstaan.

Ceramic Urinal SLOT By Ceramica Cielo design designstudio


Waterless Urinal in Stainless Steel - pink urinal by Neo-Metro

Toilet with urinal for him. Umm, yes.

Toliet seat & urinal all in one package. It's cute but I really would need to change the color scheme.

VIEW TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Authorized DealerVIEW ALL VILLEROY & BOCH  Villeroy & Boch Oblic 12 3/8" Siphonic Urinal. Worth considering a separate urinal if you've quite a few boys/men in the household!

Villeroy & Boch Oblic 12 Siphonic Urinal :: Bath Toilet from Home & Stone

No Splash, No Flush Urinals from Kohler : TreeHugger

If the "if it's yellow let it mellow" debate still rages in your home, have we got the solution for you: a waterless urinal. Though most often relegated to restaurant bathrooms and the like, urinals in the home make tons of sense: they save thousands

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The backsplash tile gives this washroom a lot of bling! the lighting is bright without it being directly into your face.