MIlo ice cream cake - Moist chocolate malt cake layers, vanilla-milo ice cream, malted hot fudge sauce and milo crumbles

Milo Ice Cream Cake

Definitely maybe going to make this for my birthday cake this year. Milo ice cream cake by The sugar hit 4

The Kate Tin: Chocolate peanut butter Milo cake

This cake is my second favourite way of eating milo - other than straight out of the tin with a spoon, of course!

Milo Cupcake with Condensed Milk Frosting: made these with raspberry cream frosting instead as it was what I had on hand. Hubs loved it though I thought it was OK

Milo Cupcake with Condensed Milk Frosting (NOTE: Makes a very dense, very rich cake which may pair well with a light frosting that isn't too sweet.

BD Milo Cake-011

This is no ordinary cake. For starters it’s made with delicious Milo for a unique, malty chocolate flavour.

Milo Banana Bread | Stay at Home Mum

My kids two favourite things Bananas and Milo, so put them together and you get this fantastic Milo Banana Bread that is full of energy and goodness! It freezes well too.

Lush Chocolate Milo Cake

Lush Chocolate Milo Cake

Is it a weird reaction to want to laugh hysterically when I spy something as delicious as this cake? It makes me so damn happy to see a cake this gorgeous.

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