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Martin Lessing

Martin Lessing
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George and the Dragon Plain Theme Chess Set

Hand decorated and plain kids chess set items - sculpted and painted by skilled artisans. Hours of craftsmanship have been invested to produce these exquisite chess sets for children and beginners chess sets.

The viola design is based on the development of a practical working workshop pattern.

Using simple geometry, this viola design is the result of the development of a practical working pattern. Inspired by the works of Leonardo da vinci, Pythagoras, Euclid and the application of the traditionl techniques of the Gothic stone mason.

"David Gusset | Violin’s design on the basis of the Golden Ratio.

'In the Style & Geometry of the Amati School' by instrument designer & violin maker David Gusset. A violin design based on the Golden Ratio. via Gusset Violins. Looks like a woman,'s body

Practice violin William Baker, about 1820–40

Practice Violin - photo via Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts; made by William Baker, about long x wide; donated to MFA in 1916