Africa |  The Ndebele are world famous for their colourful and geometric patterns painted on their houses. | © Anke Van Wyk

The Ndebele ART . the ndebele women do this beautiful art work! my Mom is from the Ndebele clan! it is absolutely beautiful

South Africa: Ndebele woman

женщина ндебеле Африка / Faces of Africa - Ndebele women, Pilgrims Rest © Shelley Christians

Ndebele Tribe Woman, South Africa

Mulher da tribo Ndebele *Woman from the Ndebele tribe

African prints

Ndebele women showing the bold patterns of their traditonal blankets, in South Africa by United Nations Photo

South African Ndebele Tribal Woman

South African Ndebele Tribal Woman photographed by Barry Lategan

Ndebele bride

Ndebele bride

Ndebele Bride..

Ndebele Bride..

Ndebele tail fin

Big fan of this style - typically called 'Ndebele Art'

Wall Painting

Ndebele Notions

Sepedi Traditional Attire!

One of the 11 colourful attires out of S.

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