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a glass bowl filled with meat and veggies on top of a white table
a pink cake sitting on top of a white counter
a box filled with meat and fries on top of a floor next to a table
a plate full of fries, meat and coleslaw on a table next to two bottles of ketchup
Chicken and chips
a hand holding an ice cream sundae with red and white topping
Desert - Ice Cream
KFC mixed berry sundae
two slices of cake sitting on top of white plates next to a knife and fork
a bag of cheese curls sitting on top of a table
Extra cheese would have made them way nicer
a sandwich and some pasta in a foam container on a car dash board with the passenger seat behind it
the food is on the counter ready to be cooked and put in the oven for baking
some chicken wings are on a white plate
a bottle of wine and a glass on a counter
Woolies wine
two pieces of toast with scrambled eggs on them and a cup of coffee in the background
Ideias de café da manhã
Ideias de café da manhã .Torrada com ovo mechido . Banana com mel (eu juro fica uma delícia) . "Iogurte" de banana e morango (receita: Pegue morango congelado, banana congelada e leite, bata tudo até ficar com uma textura homogênea) . Iogurte integral com pedaços de morango . Salada de frutas . Torrada com banana Querem mais ideias?
various dishes of food including meat, vegetables and dips are arranged on a table