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Leonora Vorster
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DIY - Paw Patrol Birthday Decoration - What you need: Number sign from Hobby Lobby, Red paint (regular paint or spray paint) & Paw Patrol Printables *Link here*  http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Z67j93TYirs/VPD5pCcx2lI/AAAAAAAEKw0/IZJNdTCfdqU/s1600/paw-patrol-free-printable-kit-007.jpg

DIY - Paw Patrol Birthday Decoration ❤️ ⚫️ Number sign from Hobby Lobby ⚫️ Red paint ⚫️ Paw Patrol Printables

Getting your eye liner right is one of the most important steps to eye makeup. So here are some makeup tips for eyes that every beginner must definitely know about!

25 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners : I am writing this article for all those who are just beginning to experiment with eye makeup. Here are 25 eye makeup tips and tricks that you should know and always

How to wash your face with coconut oil... - no more pimples or dryness...and my acne scars healed! Step 1: gently massage the coconut oil to your face (~30 secs) Step 2: apply warm towel onto your face (to open up the pores) Step 3: wait 15-30 seconds or so and then lightly remove oil with washcloth-- no scrubbing! Step 4: if you feel like you need it, splash some warm water to remove excess oil, but your skin should absorb most of it.

How to wash your face with coconut oil. Using almond avocado oil to make face near perfect no more pimples or dryness.and acne scars healed Coconut oil sounds so perfect for taking on the dry winter air!