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Camaro is the dope bitches. Drove one of these babies my uncle has his own bought it with the money he and his band earned gets lots of money because he is one rich mother F***** and let me drive it it is like heaven fats bitches but awesome cars

German shepherd 3 months. Always looking to please. So cute! Makes me miss Jäger!! Best dog I ever owned.

The 5 smartest dog breeds The Planet of PetsThe Shepherd was originally bred specifically for intelligence. Smart, courageous, and protective, the Shepherd is one of the most dependable of companions. They learn tasks after only a few repetitions, and o

Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix). what i want this.

Gerberian Shepsky, my future dog (German Shepherd Husky mix) ~ Beautiful dog. My first dog was German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd. I was 17 and her name was Free, because that's what I wanted her to be. I love German Shepherd mix dogs the best.