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Grasping tool for students who have poor fine motor skills. Allows them to better control a pencil or pen.

I think this would be good for someone with arthritis as well.or other hand issues that makes holding a pen difficult. What a great adaptive idea to help kids hold a pen, pencil or even a paint brush. Perfect for kids with limited abilities.

fine motor

Have fun developing fine motor skills balancing marbles on golf tees in pieces of foam. Pink and Green Mama: Preschool At Home: Marbles and Golf Tee Game

DIY Marble Maze Game -fine motor

Busy bag idea DIY Marble Quiet Game by servingpinklemonade: Brilliant! Here is a super simple, super fun little marble maze game that can fit right in your purse to pull out at a moments notice.Make it in minutes with a few scraps of fabric.

fine motor

Shoebox task with any kind of card and clothespins. Cut holes in shoe box top for sorting.