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a large white house with trees in front of it
Images of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in South Africa
Images of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in South Africa
War, African, Fotos, Wwi, Zulu, Historia, Kunst, Black History
the walkway is lined with many trees and buildings on both sides, along with an orange sign in the middle
Lovers Lane; NWU Campus; Potchefstroom
an empty swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and landscaping in front of a fenced area
~ Sunset Manor Guesthouse ~
Sunset Manor Guesthouse is a newly developed and luxurious guesthouse located in Potchefstroom. The manor is named after the glorious sunsets viewed from the establishment. Situated alongside the Mooi River marshland, it is like country living in town. Book today with SleepSolutions-sa.com your ONE STOP travel solution.
a house with a red roof and white pillars
List of heritage sites in North West - Wikipedia
74 Lombard Street, Potchefstroom (new street name: James Moroka Ave) Type of site: Residence.
an old church with steps leading up to it
Explore Potchefstroom. Potchefstroom Travel Tips. Where2Stay
The academic town of Potchefstroom is located just one hour drive away from Johannesburg in the North-West Province of South Africa.
a fountain surrounded by colorful flowers in front of a building
Potchefstroom Pictures
Potchefstroom, Suid-Afrika
an old building with two people sitting on the porch and stairs leading up to it
Potchefstroom stasie
a black and white photo of a street sign with clouds in the sky behind it
Potchefstroom - saam met pierre
an obelisk is shown in the middle of a cobblestone area with trees and buildings in the background
List of heritage sites in North West - Wikipedia
Its origin is a mystery, for when it became of historical importance during the First Transvaal War of Independence, it was already old. In 1877 Great Type of site: Fort, Cemetery.
an old black and white photo of a man with a long beard wearing a jacket
Voortrekker General Stephanus Schoeman, leader of all the Voortrekkers in the Northern-Transvaal
an old black and white photo of a man in uniform
Col.R.W.C.Winsloe. Betrokke by oorname van Potchefstroom
a large white church with a steeple on it's side next to a street
NG Kerk Potchefstroom Moedergemeente
two billboards on the side of a road with cars driving underneath them and buildings in the background
a dining room with a table and chairs in black and white photo by the fireplace
Dining room at Totius House, Potchefstroom, South Africa