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four different views of the same light fixture and one with a green bottle on it
concrete lamps
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an empty room with green chairs and blue doors that say i am still learning on the wall
four wine corks are sitting on a table
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there are many shelves with shoes on them
two paper bags sitting on top of a table
Recycle, pretty @Brit Morin Morin #totes
there are four pictures of different furniture made out of plastic bottles
How to Recycle Plastic Bottles
How to Recycle Plastic Bottles - who cares about recycling but I could make it for the boys play room?
four different pictures showing how to make ribbon bracelets with tape and glue on them
Ideias ecológicas de decoração.
Recycle bracelets.. Plastic bottles and duct tape!
a collage of photos showing different vases with coins in them and the words pint on it
While the penny floor is a nice idea, it is also time consuming. Take those shinny pennies and cover a white elephant vase.
there are many wine glasses and silverware on the table with an old fashioned toaster
Repurpose an old garden rake as wine glass holder!!! #savetheplanet #rock #reuse #recycle #green #cool #trendy #style #nature #love #earth #EverydayEarthday
a heart made out of wine corks on a wall
ThePinGurus | Custom Lapel Pins | Custom Enamel Pins
some lights are hanging from the ceiling in front of potted plants and other items
creative lighting!!! #savetheplanet #rock #reuse #recycle #green #cool #trendy #style #nature #love #earth #EverydayEarthday #flowers